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With over 41.500 Ready made logos for sale to choose from, Scalebranding is one of the biggest marketplaces for exclusive, premade logos. All of our logos are hand picked and created by amazing, talented designers from all over the world.

All our logos are unique designs created by our hand-picked designers, and each logo can be sold once. When you purchase a logo on Logo Is Us, you become the exclusive owner of the logo. You get all user rights, and you can use the logo for any purpose, on any platform, without any limitation. Sold once, yours forever.

As any entrepreneur can tell you, your company logo is the first and most important visual component in your business and the kick-starting point of your marketing plan. Usually, finding the perfect logo and a designer to create it just how you envisioned can be a challenge. Sometimes you want to check if you can use stock logos instead. It's a time-consuming design process that oftentimes also involves a considerable cost, yet it's an absolute must for all serious companies and startups.

Logo templates are categorized by industry, you can find fashion logos, beauty logos, or logos for sports, drinks, and games. Also, for professional services like doctors, lawyers, DJs, and for organizations such as churches, schools, or NGOs. To name only a few.

Another traditional way to get a custom-made logo is to hire a professional designer to create it on spec. But did you know there is a way to do this in a much simpler and faster way? With the Crowdspring Logo Design solution, you get dozens of professional designers creating unique logos for your brand, from which you can select your favorite, in only 7 days or less!

All you have to do is include a few details about your brand and preferences, pay for the service, and wait for the designs to arrive. With this service, you get completely custom logos (no templates nor stock graphics) and full intellectual property rights over the final, chosen design.

Keep in mind, that designing a logo from scratch with these tools requires a lot of design knowledge and knowing your way around the chosen software. And even with a cool service like Crowdspring, you still need to wait a week to see the designs.

You don't want to throw every design gimmick available, you don't want to go crazy on the font style and add complex graphics, and you don't want to have a plain, boring icon either. Find the balance that represents your business in a powerfully visual way.

The Canva Logo Maker is free, and the platform itself has two different services: the free version of Canva that is open for everyone and is free forever, and Canva Pro, the premium segment geared towards professionals and small businesses, that you can get for a very affordable monthly or annual fee.

Here there is an important distinction to make: with a free Canva account, you get access to a basic Canva Brand Kit with limited capabilities: you can set one color palette from 3 available, a logo, and not much more.

Moreover, Canva Pro comes with other great tools for business such as a Content Planner where you can schedule your designs to be published on your social media channels (they integrate 8 of them) directly.

Plus, there is a whole visual design platform you can use, for as long as you want. The Canva image editor and free library of templates and graphic resources are very rich, so much so that many businesses can solve their needs with it, and benefit from the basic Brand Kit, too.

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When you create your Buy with Prime button code, you also have the option to upload your business logo. Shoppers see your store name as part of their branded checkout and order confirmation experience. If you choose not to upload a logo, shoppers see


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