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The Wasteland Trucker

The Wasteland Trucker is a Survival/Truck/Life simulator game where your task is to make enough money to survive and expand your wealth in the harsh semi-post apocalyptic lands of Slaveria, doing legal and illegal work, while maintaining, fixing, building, repairing, tuning your trucks, cars and other vehicles. The game focuses on freedom and allows the player to do anything that you can do in real life as well. For example: Working for companies, getting wasted, trading, smuggling illegal substances, scavenging the wasteland, finding abandoned vehicles, buying and customizing, tuning trucks/cars other vehicles.

The Wasteland Trucker

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Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits.

The world is over. But racing never stops! Become a mechanic and repair cars in your garage at the top of a ruined skyscraper. Create parts from scrap, install upgrades, and assemble vehicles that will go on a race through wrecked buildings and massive ramps suspended above a radioactive wasteland!

Experience the life of a trucker, delivering cargo between various industries. Feed the most valuable production lines or fulfill contracts to earn enough money to own the largest fleet of trucks among your friends, or start your own industries to maximize your profits.

Be a trucker, not a truck! Step into the boots of Alaskan truck drivers. Get behind the wheels of huge machines and brave one of the harshest and most dangerous environments. Take up the challenge and see if you can survive long enough to fully experience the raw beauty of wild Alaska.

The Wasteland Trucker is a post-apocalyptic truck ride where the protagonist must manage and earn their own survival. Players control a vehicle as they navigate the dangerous lands of Slaveria. The task will be to carry out legal or illegal activities involved in transporting valuable cargo, repairing, building works or other part-time jobs that can be found in the vast underworld. The universe is filled with lots of garbage left on the wastelands and the protagonist has to deal with cleaning such raw materials, smuggling illegal substances, searching for abandoned vehicles or trading and working for small businesses.

The Wasteland Trucker is a survival / truck / life simulator game in which your task is to earn enough money to survive in the harsh, semi-post-apocalyptic lands of Slaveria and increase your wealth, do legal and illegal work while you maintain, repair, build, repair, tune your trucks, automobiles and other vehicles. The game focuses on freedom and allows the player to do anything they can in real life. For example: working for business, waste, trading, smuggling illegal substances, searching the wasteland, finding abandoned vehicles, buying and customizing, tuning trucks / cars and other vehicles.

With 9/11 and a second Iraqi War, the region became a wasteland of different tribes and players. GCC economies were decimated and new business never showed up. Losses from Western Capital centers piled up with centers like Dubai, expanding beyond their means, left with empty real estate and parked cars, keys in the ignitions, of ex-pats locked into lease agreements and fleeing their liabilities to return home. 041b061a72


Céline Héloïse Larcade, Laure Molina, Nawal Touil, Nicolas T...


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