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"Collateral" Episode 1.1(2018) 2021

She has also appeared in Life on Mars and The Royal. In 2013, she joined the cast of popular Channel 4 comedy drama series, Shameless, for the final ever series playing Patreesha St. Rose. She also played Eileen the Crow in the 2015 video game Bloodborne. Boatswain joined the cast of Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks as regular cast member, Simone Loveday on 20 February 2015. Hollyoaks aired a Come Dine with Me special week to celebrate their twentieth anniversary, with Boatswain as one of the cast members hosting. Boatswain left Hollyoaks in late 2018 with her exit airing on 23 January 2019. In 2018, she also played a role as Monique in the BBC Drama Collateral. In 2020, Boatswain appeared in the BBC TV series Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators in episode 3.6 "Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!" as Odette Dixon.[3] Then in October 2021, she appeared in an episode of the BBC soap opera Doctors as Heather Derby.[4]

"Collateral" Episode 1.1(2018)

The show maintains its consistency. After the craziness of the last episode, things calm down a little. This is good for the build up of the show and characters. Pablo and Kelly need to talk about what happened. Despite this, there is still plenty of action. Coming towards the end of the episode, it gives the show a slightly weird pacing feel. By now, we're used to the thirty-minute format but it really is felt here. It's like things slowly build up and then it's all over before you know it.

During the fight scene, there is a kid in the bathroom that ends up overhearing some things and hten just gets killed. It felt like there should have been something more with him. Maybe that was the point, to throw us off? The fight is pretty glorious even though it feels like it comes upon us a little suddenly. Because of the serial nature of the show, we occasionally get moments that feel a little familiar. Basically, things are calm, the evil comes out of nowhere, new Deadites are formed, and the fight begins. This isn't a big complaint. I do wonder how the show will feel when binge watching several episodes in a single sitting.

Kelly really turns things around from the previous episodes. She's angry and steps up in a big way to completely fit in Ash's crew. It's great having Amanda decide to join the team rather than the same bit each week where she tries catching them and Ash gets away. Now she knows Ash isn't necessarily to blame for what happened to partner. Although you'd think she would have taken Ruby's car, or at least mentioned the fact that Ash's was guiding her and Ruby. Maybe we'll see that next episode.

This episode really had a different feel to it. There's still the matter of fighting Deadites but being in the Militia's base gave us a different setting. With Amanda joining Ash and friends, it allowed them to get split up and still drive the story forward. Pablo and Kelly got to have their own subplot with Ash and Amanda trying to survive against Lem and get to know each other as well.

Ash vs Evil Dead is a blast to watch every week. It's so over the top and fun. The half hour format makes it move quickly (sometimes too quickly) but the pacing in this week's episode was perfect. We're seeing Ash's team continue to bond and Ash is actually growing as a person. Ash heading back to the cabin should be pretty epic and now that we're seeing more of Ruby's true colors, there's no telling what's going to happen next. This show is everything I could want from the franchise.

HOPKINS: That is a great question because I just realized I have recorded 90 episodes! It has gone by so quickly. At first, I really focused on how quickly Gumball spoke with very clear pronunciation and diction. Now, I talk a mile a minute! The writing has also changed to where I get to be so many characters within the character of Gumball. Also, Gumball has become quite the singer and rapper. Let's just say, I'm having an amazing time! No pun intended! (well maybe a little, lol!) 041b061a72


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