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Horizon Lactose Free Milk Where To Buy


Horizon Lactose Free Milk Where To Buy

Our lactose-free organic milk is easy to digest for people with dairy lactose intolerance. We simply add an enzyme that breaks down the lactose naturally found in milk\u2014so you get all the wholesome goodness you love, with no worries. Bring on the cookies!

The organic lactose-free Vitamin D milk is USDA-certified organic and available in half-gallons. An 8-ounce serving contains 150 calories, 8 grams of fat, 11 grams of sugar and 8 grams of protein. It has a suggested retail price of $5.29.

A lactose-free diet avoids any foods high in lactose, a sugar found in milk. People who are especially sensitive to lactose may experience GI symptoms like diarrea, gas and bloating. This is known as lactose intolerance. The Fig app is a great way to build your lactose free shopping list.

A common cause of discomfort in a world where dairy products are so prevalent, lactose intolerance is the subject of ongoing research, and the results could have far-reaching ramifications. Jim Banks looks at the condition and how treatments are evolving, and dietary alternatives are becoming easier to find.

The disorder has, in fact, become relatively common, affecting millions of people just in North America and Europe, even though they are among the regions with the lowest incidence. According to the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), somewhere in the region of 50 million adults in the US are currently lactose intolerant (LI).

In fact, these foods have found a market beyond those dealing with lactose intolerance, and the number of people moving to a dairy-free or reduced-dairy diet has been growing steadily in recent years.

Market research from Technavio suggests that the market will expand by $118m between 2019 and 2022, with growth coming in the US, Europe and Asian, while Nielsen estimates that around $1.2bn of lactose-free milk is already sold around the world each year.

Indeed, the growth in sales of lactose-free milk seems to be outpacing its plant-based alternatives, at least in the US. Figures for 2019 supplied by market research firm IRI suggest the US market for lactose-free milk grew twice as fast as sales of plant-based alternatives.

Milk is obviously the main battleground for the dairy industry in its attempts to counteract the rise in plant-based substitutes, but lactose is a core ingredient in many foods. There is much for the food industry to do to create and promote foods free from lactose, but the outlook for sufferers is positive indeed.

While researchers work on more effective supplements that can allow sufferers of lactose intolerance to consume whatever foods they choose, food producers will no doubt continue to develop dietary alternatives for anyone who feels a dairy-free diet might be healthier for them as individuals, whether they are lactase-deficient or not. 781b155fdc


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