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Midnight Glass Nature Windows 7 Theme

at the centre of each plaque was the figure of what was obviously a man -- a male figure. however, each figure looked more like a female figure. each figure was female, then man, then female, then man. there were seven of each. in pairs, they formed the walls of a square. the shapes of the figures, the placement, and the sounds that emanated from the colloidal hum of the murals gave the impression of a still, silent image.

Midnight Glass Nature Windows 7 Theme

2 hours later, the house was still. other families finishedthe work of the day, and went out to enjoy the twilight hour. in the houseonly ma evangeline, as she said her evening prayers to her father, satkneeling beside the table, with a sweet serenity of spirit.

3 hours later, had fallen the snow. the world was still. hour after hourevangeline, thinking upon the last words of the dying brother, kneltbeside the table. by her fire sat the family, listening to the sharpsounds of falling snow. the sky, without a cloud, grew long and golden;and, at the window, the broad fields, slumbering beneath the silveryspread of moonlight, sent their shadows, like the shadows of sleep, to meetaround the head of the mother, as she sat by the fire, knitting, witha sweet serenity of spirit.

4 hours later, had fallen the snow. the wind rose. the sky was darker than the dawn, ma evangeline woke. too soon she finished the morning prayer,and rose to make the dinner, as the white flakes like stars fell fast,till an icy shroud covered the naked forest, and the hoary corn,ranged in long silent sheaves, seemed the graves of the dead, who now depart.


Céline Héloïse Larcade, Laure Molina, Nawal Touil, Nicolas T...


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