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Buy Sibelius Software ((BETTER))

Fully-functional 30-day trial version of the latest version of Sibelius Ultimate, the world's best-selling music notation software (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese).

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Sibelius is a scorewriter program developed and released by Sibelius Software Limited (now part of Avid Technology). It is the world's largest selling music notation program. Beyond creating, editing and printing music scores, it can also play the music back using sampled or synthesised sounds. It produces printed scores, and can also publish them via the Internet for others to access. Less advanced versions of Sibelius at lower prices have been released, as have various add-ons for the software.

Named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, the company was founded in April 1993 by twin brothers Ben and Jonathan Finn to market the eponymous music notation program they had created.[1] It went on to develop and distribute various other music software products, particularly for education. In addition to its head office in Cambridge and subsequently London, Sibelius Software opened offices in the US, Australia and Japan, with distributors and dealers in many other countries worldwide. The company won numerous awards, including the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2005.

In August 2006 the company was acquired by Avid, to become part of its Digidesign division, which also manufactures the digital audio workstation Pro Tools. In July 2012, Avid announced plans to divest its consumer businesses, closed the Sibelius London office, and removed the original development team,[2][3][4] despite a 12,000 strong 'Save Sibelius' petition spearheading a campaign led by Derek Williams that included extensive protests on Facebook and elsewhere.[5][6] Avid subsequently recruited some new programmers to continue development of Sibelius, and Steinberg hired most of the former Sibelius team to create a competing software, Dorico.

The first ever user of Sibelius was the composer and engraver Richard Emsley, who provided advice on music engraving prior to the start of development, and beta tested the software before its release. The first concert performance from a Sibelius score was of an orchestral work by David Robert Coleman, copied by Emsley. The first score published using Sibelius was Antara by George Benjamin, also copied by Emsley, and published by Faber Music. Other early adopters included composer John Rutter, conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, and publisher Music Sales.

In September 1998, the first version for Windows was released as 'Sibelius', with the version number reset to 1.0.[10] A Mac version 1.2 was released a few months later, and the company thereafter used conventional version numbers for both platforms across subsequent upgrades. Scores created on one platform could be opened on the other, and were backward compatible. To produce these versions, the software was completely rewritten in C++, while retaining most of the original's functionality and user interface with numerous enhancements. The original Acorn names 'Sibelius 6' and 'Sibelius 7' were later re-used to denote versions 6 and 7 of Sibelius for Windows/Mac.

In August 2006, Sibelius Software Ltd was acquired by Avid Technology, an American manufacturer of software and hardware for audio and video production. Avid continued publishing Sibelius as a stand-alone notation product, as well as integrating it with some of its existing software products.

Sibelius' main function is to help create, edit and print musical scores. It supports virtually all music notations, enabling even the most complex of modern orchestral, choral, jazz, pop, folk, rock and chamber music scores to be engraved to publication quality. Further, it allows scores to be played back or turned into MIDI or audio files, e.g. to create a CD. A built-in sample player and a large range of sampled sounds are included.[17] It supports any MIDI device, and allows Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Audio Units plug-ins to be used as playback instruments, giving users access to third-party sample libraries.[18] Score playback can also be synchronised to video, or to DAW software via the ReWire standard.

Sibelius users can publish their scores directly from the software via the Internet using desktops, laptops or iPads. Anyone else using software called Sibelius Scorch[39] (free for web browsers, charged for on iPads) can then view these scores, play them back, transpose them, change instruments, or print them from the web browser version. is a website where any Sibelius user can upload scores they have composed, arranged or transcribed with Sibelius, so that anyone can access the music. The site began in 2001 as, and by June 2011 had amassed nearly 100,000 scores. The iPad version of Scorch also includes a store containing over 250,000 scores from publishers Music Sales, Hal Leonard, and Sibelius Scorch is used in the websites of various music publishers and individual musicians. Publishers can licence the Sibelius Internet Edition for commercial online publishing.

There are various education-specific features for Sibelius' large market of schools and universities. The Sibelius Educational Suite[42] includes extensive built-in music teaching materials, and the ability to run and manage multiple copies of the software on a network at discounted educational pricing.

What is Sibelius Ultimate? (Formally known as Sibelius)Sibelius Ultimate is the best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, teachers, and students alike. Sibelius Ultimate allows you to access the software in more affordable ways than ever. Compose with a low-cost subscription. Own the software outright. Manage multiple copies with Sibelius Ultimate network licensing. See further details about the different options below. With the integrated Annotate feature, multi-touch gestures and Surface Pro 3 pen support, Sibelius enables you to express your creativity in brand new ways, whether composing for a live performance, movies, television, media entertainment.

Stand Alone: Each computer needs to be connected to the internet to unlock the software, a serial number is good for the number of activations defined in the license. Great for decentralized environments.

Annual Subscription: Sibelius Ultimate is available as an annual subscription option as well as a perpetual licence. Subscription is a lower cost option and enables you to use the product for 12 months. After 12 months the subscription needs to be renewed in order to continue using the software.

Upgrade & support plans: All Sibelius Ultimate licenses come with 12 month upgrade and support plans which entitle the user to any new versions of the software that are rereleased during the 12 months and to 24/7 365 support via unlimited email and one phone case per month.

Please note that prices shown are exclusive of VAT. For most software there are no delivery charges for licenses or downloads. Shipping charges are applicable to physical items, boxed products, activation cards and some software. Eligibility and Proof of Status:

Sibelius software users have launched a petition asking Avid Technology to sell the music publishing program to another company. Avid closed Sibelius's development studio in Finsbury Park, London, at the end of last month, and users are concerned about its future. They are conducting a campaign via a Sibelius Users website, a SaveSibelius Facebook page, and a petition, among other things.

Avid is going through a difficult period, and is retrenching to limit its operating losses. It has sold off some of the more consumer-oriented offerings -- including M-Audio accessories, acquired in 2004, and Pinnacle video editing software, acquired in 2005 -- to concentrate on its core professional products. These include the Pro Tools audio workstation software, acquired in 1994.

Digidesign general manager and Avid vice president Dave Leboltsaid, "Over the past decade, Sibelius has garnered an enviablereputation as one of the world's leading providers of professionalnotation software. With 180,000 users in 100 countries - and a diverseproduct line that provides professional composers, educators,students, consumers, and young children with easy-to-use scoringapplications - Sibelius is well positioned for future growth acrossall of its key markets. The company's connections with educationalinstitutions worldwide will allow us to reach educators and studentsmore directly with all of the pieces of technology we make - includingDigidesign Pro Tools software and audio hardware, as well as M-Audiokeyboards, microphones, speakers, and audio interfaces. Over time,we'll also explore ways to integrate and optimize our respectivetoolsets so that customers can take advantage of powerful Sibeliusfeatures directly within Pro Tools. Working together, Sibelius andDigidesign can deliver an even wider variety of integrated productsthat will give our customers a cutting edge advantage when creating orlearning about music."

Sibelius' core product line comprises software tools for editingand arranging music notation in both electronic and printed form. Awide range of customers use the company's products, includingprofessional musicians for composing and creating scores for film andTV, orchestral performances and recordings; educational institutionsfor teaching music at all levels; and individuals who need to providemusical notation as a means to publish their work. Entrenched in musiceducation programs around the world, the Sibelius product line alsoincludes applications for teaching and testing music in elementaryinstitutions up through the university level.

"This alliance is an excellent cultural and technological fit forSibelius. Both Avid and Digidesign are forward-thinking organizationsthat take great pride in producing innovative, high quality products,and we're excited to be working closely with them," said JeremySilver, CEO of Sibelius. "By combining our software with Digidesignand M-Audio products, we can provide valuable solutions that enhancemusic learning by putting the industry's best music production toolsin the hands of educators, students, and children. We also lookforward to expanding our worldwide reach by distributing and sellingSibelius products through the Digidesign and M-Audio channels. Ourcustomers will reap the benefits of this acquisition as we work tobring new and innovative products to market in the future." 041b061a72


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