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Where To Buy Feridies Peanuts [TOP]

Our super extra large gourmet Virginia peanuts are flavored with spices inspired from fresh bayside breezes: cool, crisp and tangy. For the real version, you would have to imagine your feet in the sand on the Chesapeake Bay. Non-GMO verified.

where to buy feridies peanuts

Feridies Virginia Peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil in small batches and lightly salted to maintain the peanuts distinctive flavor and healthy qualities. If you have never had Virginia-type peanuts before, you'll be amazed at their large size, crunchy texture, delicious flavor and freshness.

This tasty treat is made by Feridies. Founded in 1973 by twin brothers and still run by their children, this family business specializes in showcasing extra large Virginia type peanuts which they sell worldwide. Their gift shop is open for visits and in person shopping in Courtland, VA about an hour outside of Richmond!

Around the turn of the 20th century, most farmers shocked their peanuts. Now, faster modern methods of flash-drying are used to the same end. Shocking is more time-consuming, more labor-intensive, but Barnes still farms the old way because he thinks that it matters.

Known for their in-shell ballpark peanuts along with gourmet shelled flavors like Honey Sriracha, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, and Southern Barbecue, this 100-year-old roaster also offers Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle and farm-fresh peanut butter.

Family-owned and operated by the Bunn family in Southampton County, Newsoms HQ is where the soils offer ideal conditions for growing the largest and tastiest peanuts. Freshly cooked and delivered.

Feridies, formerly known as The Peanut Patch, is one of the original purveyors of Virginia peanuts, a specialty food pioneer with more than 42 years in the business. Jane was younger than five when her parents, Bob and Judy, and uncle and aunt, Bill and Gaynelle, started the company, and it was never assumed that she and her sister Alice would take ownership one day.

But locals were well aware of how good the Virginia peanut was and regularly made roasted peanuts, peanut brittle, and other specialty peanut products. The Riddick family decided to start selling peanut treats crafted by people throughout the state.

The Peanut Patch gift shop quickly became a destination, with Virginia peanuts one of the main attractions. Seeing an opportunity, the Riddicks decided to try their hand at roasting. They perfected their recipe and launched the Peanut Patch brand in 1984, advertising the product with a hand-designed flyer. Instead of stripping old paint off of furniture, their evenings after school became focused on roasting and packing gift boxes with peanut brittle, peanut fudge, and simple peanuts.

Over time, the business slowly grew and evolved. The team added old warehouses for storage and office space. Judy and Bob purchased the business from Bill and Gaynelle. Most significantly, the store moved out to Route 58, a thoroughfare for travelers going from Maine to Florida. The move enabled The Peanut Patch to gain exposure and soon the shop and its peanuts became a destination outside of the Virginia community.

This product is produced in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts and is prepared and packaged on equipment that may come in contact with trace amounts of milk, eggs, wheat and/or soy. Warnings For prolonged freshness & good taste, refrigerate or freeze upon opening.

We are exited to introduce our NEW SALTED MIXED NUTS! We combined our super extra-large salted Virginia peanuts with the finest whole cashews, almonds, pecans, blanched almonds, filberts and...

These super extra large Virginia peanuts have been seasoned with the perfect blend of sea salt and ground black pepper. If you have never had Virginia-type peanuts before, you'll be amazed at their...

Our extra large salted Virginia peanuts are enrobed in 100% pure milk chocolate. You'll experience the true flavour of the peanut and the richness of the milk chocolate. A heavenly sweet treat that...

Feridies Unsalted Virginia Peanuts are very popular among our health conscious nut lovers. Without salt, you can taste the natural sweetness of these deliciously crunchy, super extra-large peanuts...

These select peanuts are embedded in a smooth, rich, buttery candy that will keep you coming back for more. This old fashioned peanut candy is a little crunchy, a little sweet and a whole lot of...

Feridies Virginia Peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil in small batches and lightly salted to maintain the peanuts distinctive flavour and healthy qualities. If you have never had Virginia-type...

We cook these beautiful, super extra-large Virginia-type peanuts without removing their skins, which gives them their own unique and hearty flavour. Redskin fans become very loyal and true to this... 041b061a72


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