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Morrowind Accurate Attack Mod [TOP]

For all those Oblivion Players that find playing Morrowind after Oblivion difficult, this might just make it more fun. I'm sure you've all found it incredibly annoying when you take all the trouble sneaking up to an enemy, drawing back your weapon, taking careful aim and striking, just to have the attack fade into thin air and not connect. Or if you're fighting a close battle, where your life hangs in the balance, and you move to make the final hit, to have it miss and cost you your life and the last 20 minutes of gameplay. Even if you're walking along and are attacked by a rat, you think, "I'll take care of him in the blink of an eye", and you spend the next 20 seconds swinging at it with nothing connecting. As you probably know, this is extremely frustrating. Thus, I made this mod to eradicate the problem.

Morrowind Accurate Attack Mod

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It would be a good idea for character specialized in combat to make Strength and Endurance their favored attributes. Most of these skills are governed by either Strength or Endurance; Block and Athletics are the only odd ones out, in that they fall under Agility and Speed, respectively. Endurance also affects starting maximum health, maximum health gained per level-up, maximum fatigue, and fatigue regeneration, while Strength directly affects your weapon damage and starting maximum health. Together, these two attributes make you better in combat by making you better at withstanding attacks from enemies and dishing out damage.

Note that you can bypass this mechanic by going into the Options menu and turning on "Always Use Best Attack", upon which you will use the highest damaging attack style for your weapon no matter your character's movement.

This is the default attack. To Chop, all you need to do is start your attack while standing still, or you can run forwards and strafe left or right at the same time (a diagonal movement). You will raise your weapon and do a downward stroke at your opponent. Most weapons seem to deliver the most damage with this attack. The only weapons that do not work very well with a chop are Spear class weapons.

To perform a Slash, start your attack while moving to the left or right. You will swing your weapon sideways (right to left) instead of downwards. This is a good attack to use in close combat, as you will be more likely to dodge your opponent's attacks while moving to the side. Most weapons are good for slashing, the notable exceptions again being Spears. A few, mostly Long Blades, are best used with this attack.

To perform a Thrust, start your attack while moving forwards or backwards. You will attack straight ahead with your weapon. This attack is good for keeping your distance from opponents, especially since you can start it while moving backwards, and always keep yourself out of range of their attacks. Most weapons do not do as much damage when Thrusting, but Spears are ideal for it. Most Short Blades also receive a slight advantage with this attack.

In addition to the three melee attacks, there are also ranged weapons. For these you will either need a bow and arrows, a crossbow and bolts, or a supply of throwing weapons. For bows and crossbows, you must equip both the weapon and the ammunition in order to use them. Bows and crossbows are 2-handed weapons, so you cannot hold a shield or a light while using them. Throwing weapons are not restricted in this manner.

These come in one-handed and two-handed varieties. They are best as Chopping weapons, though fairly effective for Slashing as well. They are by far the most damaging of weapons, but they are also quite heavy, and generally slower in attack speed, and with a narrower range of attack than most other weapons.

Long blades are good versatile weapons, able to Chop, Slash, and in most cases Thrust with almost equal facility. Long blades are also the most numerous weapon-type in the game, and there are more Artifact-class long blades than any other weapon type. Furthermore, the one-handed weapon with the most Enchant points in the game, the Ebony Scimitar from Tribunal, is a long blade. Long Blades are generally faster in attack speed than axes or blunt weapons, though like axes, they are limited in their range of attack. They come in both one-handed and two-handed varieties. One-handed blades are slightly less damaging and slightly faster, and allow the use of a shield. If you use a two-handed blade you will be unable to block, even if you have a shield equipped in your inventory.

Short blades are by far the fastest weapons available, though they suffer for damage. However, being able to get in twice as many attacks in the same time period may make up for it. They are all one-handed, and their light weight is perfect for those who want to be able to carry a lot of loot, or just stay fast on their feet. They are mostly equally effective at Chopping and Slashing, and slightly better for Thrusts.

Short blades tend to have higher minimum damage and lower maximum damage, so it can be more effective to repeatedly attack with them as fast as possible rather than fully drawing them before each strike. Their fast attack speed also makes them useful for repeatedly inflicting Cast when Strikes enchantments at a higher rate compared to slower weapons.

Spears are great for those who like a different style of combat, as they are generally best used with Thrust attacks, and not very effective for Chops and Slashes, in contrast with all the other weapon types. They have the widest range available, allowing you to keep your distance. They are all two-handed, so you can't use a shield, but if you keep far enough away from your opponents, you shouldn't need one. Spears are also generally lighter than most two-handed weapons (with the exception of staves, over which spears have the clear advantage of higher damage). Unfortunately, spears lack the variety of options of the other weapon classes, as there are far fewer quality spears available. It's also harder to find training in the skill - only 2 people in the entire game offer spear-training.

Spears are a useful weapon for stealth combat due to their longer reach. Because they can hit opponents from farther away, it is easier to get close enough for a sneak attack with a Spear compared to other melee weapons, meaning that Spears can retain the 4x multiplier to melee critical hits while still attacking from a longer distance.

There are a couple advantages to using hand-to-hand. You are far more likely to stagger opponents with hand-to-hand attacks compared to strikes with weapons, which makes the skill surprisingly potent against single enemies. With sufficient skill level, rapidly punching with fists will repeatedly stagger even the most powerful opponents in the game until they fall to the ground, unable to attack back after the first punch. Even if they do manage to get an attack in, opponents are much less likely to hit you due to their depleted fatigue. In general, if you can hit your opponent first, it is typical to avoid taking any damage at all in a hand-to-hand fight against a single opponent. The trade-off is that due to the extra step of attacking the opponent's fatigue, kills with hand-to-hand tend to take longer. Because fights are prolonged against each enemy and you can only punch one enemy at a time, hand-to-hand is much less effective when fighting multiple opponents. For this reason, you will typically take less damage against a large group of enemies by using weapons or magic to fight.

The most compelling reason to use Marksman weapons is the ability to deal damage at range. This allows the player to attack enemies from areas unreachable by the AI, or simply strike or kill an opponent before they can get close enough to attack with melee. A significant disadvantage to using Marksman is the lack of enchantment options. Bows and crossbows cannot be enchanted with custom Cast When Strikes enchantments, which limits their potential compared to Melee weapons. In this sense, Marksman competes with magic as a method of ranged combat because spells can deal a wide range of effects from a distance as opposed to being limited to just straight damage. The main advantages of using Marksman weapons compared to using spells for ranged attacks are the simplicity of managing ammunition compared to managing Magicka in combat, the ability to deal Critical Hits with sneak attacks for 1.5x damage, and the fact that Marksman damage is increased by the Strength attribute.

Blocking is a simple matter of having a shield equipped. Your chance to block is your chance to evade, but with your block skill also included in the equation. You cannot block without a shield, so if you're using a 2-handed weapon or want to carry a light instead, you will not be able to block attacks. Blocking will not protect you from spells or weapon enchantments.

Generally speaking, you can figure out a weapon's damage by looking at the weapon's description. Each attack type for a given weapon will have its own damage range - unlike some other RPGs, the Weapon Damage isn't chosen randomly from this range, but rather this range is to describe how damage will be if the attack button is pressed quickly or if you let the weapon be pulled back all the way before releasing.

If you perform an attack without being seen, the game might tell you that you dealt Critical Damage (this is generally called by players a "Sneak Attack" or "Critical Hit"). This is a simple multiplier, but remember that damage dealt by Cast on Strike enchantments is not multiplied.

It is easier to perform multiple Sneak Attacks on a target if you can somehow remove it from combat between attacks (it performs fewer Sneak Checks and is less likely to run away). A Calm effect can help nicely with this, though be warned that you can rack up a new bounty for Assault with each attack if a Guard is in sight (even if the target originally initiated combat).

NPCs have their own attributes and skill levels, and use mostly the same damage and accuracy formulas that the player does, with a few minor differences. NPCs do not "draw back" their weapons--every NPC in the game attacks at the same speed no matter what weapon they use. The portion of damage they would have dealt by "drawing back" their weapon is instead randomly determined. For this reason, opponents that use weapons with high damage ranges such as axes or warhammers are generally the most dangerous type of NPCs to face, outside of enemies with powerful weapon enchantments.


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