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Buy Dyson Animal

Hi Derek,From what I gather, the V10 can move from hardwood floors to carpet with no need to change the brush, and the V8 animal requires a brush change, is that right? Most of my rooms have both, and I want to be able to just do a whole room without switching anything.

buy dyson animal

Hi, sorry also to add to my question (wanting a vacuum for dog hair and hard wood floors) would you recommend the V8 animal + soft head brush privately purchased or the V10 Motörhead. They would both be a similar price.

We had a Dyson V8 animal but recently replaced it with another make. I replaced to battery on the V8 to keep as a spare. The roller brush is a bit worn and looked to replace it. I was told that this was no simple straightforward operation but that Dyson could do it for 99. Is this correct?

HiI have had a Kirby for the last 15 years and a small corded stock vacuum. Kirby has some pieces broken and way to heavy to clean a 3200square foot home. All hardwood floors and tile with area rugs and some carpet in the basement. Looking to replace both of these vacuums with a dyson. Not sure which one to go with. V8 or 10 and what are the options they each have?

To clean up animal fur around your house, you need a powerful vacuum. The Dyson DC44 Animal comes with a superb digital motor and first-class nylon brushes for getting every last strand off your floor. However, it does only provide a 20 minute run-time on a single charge, which may not be enough if you have a large space to clean.

Camryn Rabideau is a freelance writer and product reviewer specializing in home, kitchen, and pet products. In her 6+ years of experience as a product tester, she's reviewed hundreds of items firsthand, and her work appears in publications such as PEOPLE, The Spruce, Homes & Gardens, and more. Camryn is also the proud owner of a small homestead in Rhode Island, where she spends her spare time gardening, tending her many animals, and working through a never-ending list of home improvement projects.

The Ball Animal 2 is specifically engineered for pet homes whose floors and carpets collect more than an ideal amount of pet hair and fur. This power cleaner comes to the rescue with a powerful head that drives deep into carpet fibers to capture dust, animal hair and ground-in dirt. 041b061a72


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