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Buy Fire Pit Ring __EXCLUSIVE__

Well, the answer to that question would be simply because you want your fire pit masonry to last longer. A fire pit ring is like a metal barrier placed in the opening of your fire pit. Its role is to reduce the stress applied to the stone or brick fire pit. Trapping some of the extreme heat and flames, it slows down the damage done to the masonry or adhesive.

buy fire pit ring

Keep the measure accurate. If you already have your fire pit built, double check the dimensions of the available space. If you are still weighing your options, we recommend that you find a fire ring that satisfies your needs. And you can start building the masonry around the metal fire ring.

Enjoy safer outside fires with the Bellefonte Heavy-Duty Steel Wood Burning Fire Ring. You can either place this rim in the ground or keep it at the surface and surround it with bricks or pavers. Both in-ground or surface fire pits will look fabulous and do a great job. Forged from a durable thick steel, this fire ring has a high-temperature paint finish. Long-lasting and suitable for DIY fire pit projects, this fire rim is ideal to warm your summer nights.

Set the vibe around the fire with the Meranda Steel Wood Burning Fire Ring. A durable steel frame merges with a resistant steel mesh, improving the fire airflow. And the four-corner star pattern creates an atmosphere with the light leaking through. Functionality, durability and stylish touch, this fire ring provides them all. Use it for a campfire, in your backyard and know that any outdoor fire will have a special glow. Ideal for wood burning fires, this black steel ring comes with a one-year warranty.

For the adventurous, the Summer Steel Wood Burning Fire Ring is a portable option. This three-piece fire ring is bolt-assembled, easy to dismantle and carry in your trunk. For road trips or last-minute excursions, this strong and sturdy fire rim is a blessing. It features a weather and rust-resistant protection layer, for extra-durability. Rely on this fire ring to look as good as new for many years.

Intricate details and long-lasting structure make the Jepson Steel Fire ring a gem. Gaze at the glowing shapes floating around the fire or simply relax looking at the stars. The fire ring will keep the flame safe, wherever you go. Take it with you on road trips or use it home. This 12 gauge steel ring is easy to install and dismantle. Get your campfire stories ready, because in no time, the fire ring is set to use and charm.

The VBENLEM Fire Pit Ring is here to get you ready for campfires. With its rugged steel construction and large diameter, you know you can enjoy a roaring fire. Keep things safe and have fun assembling this fire pit ring. Easy to put together, the pieces are 3 mm thick and treated with high-temperature paint for long-lasting quality. No rust or weather damage ahead, this fire ring will face them all. Use it for a stand-alone fire pit or an in-ground version. Transport it wherever you want, from camping to fishing or doing a barbecue.

Go big or go home sounds like the motto for the Sunnydaze Square Fire Pit Ring. Measuring 36 inch outside, 30 inch inside and 10 inches tall, this is the next level of fire inserts. Generous space, easy assembly and versatility make this fire ring hard to resist. Personalize your fire pit area with this durable metal insert and enjoy a cozy, safe space, for many years. The high-temperature paint finish protects the pieces against rust and weather conditions. The product also comes with a one-year warranty.

No matter what you call it -a fire ring, a fire pit, a firering grill, a ground grill - the Pilot Rock campfire ring lets you enjoy the campfire plus the ability to cook over the open fire. Heavy gauge rolled steel with a top flange adds strength against the campfire heat. The cooking grate on each fire ring is double welded solid steel bars, designed to withstand the abuse of the campfire and the public in the parks and campgrounds.

Titan Great Outdoors has free shipping and low prices site-wide on all fire pit rings & liners. All of our fire pit rings & liners are made of commercial-grade steel and meet safety regulations. Our fire pit rings & liners work above ground or some can be installed into the ground. We also carry low smoke fire pits with built ingrates for backyard and campground cooking. Save big on wood burning fire pits.

Make your business, home or residence stand out with a fire pit ring & liners. Our fire pit rings & liners meet all requirements and are made from commercial and industrial-grade steel and can withstand the elements. Get your backyard ready for the cold nights with a wood-burning fire pit rings & liners. We carry both above and in-ground fire pits that will work well with any backyard or campground. Cook outdoors with these fire pit rings & liners from Titan Great Outdoors.

An outdoor fire pit ring, also known as a campfire ring, is a fire-proof framework set directly on the ground to contain a fire. Its primary task is to prevent fires from spreading outside the perimeter and accidentally starting a wildfire.

Some fire pit rings are set within decorative masonry. For example, an all-in-one DIY kit features a ring and surrounding retaining wall blocks, which provide a more finished look when assembled. The ring has a practical role: It keeps fire from drying out the pavers and causing them to crack. Another option is to build your backyard fire pit and use firebricks instead.

Fire pit rings also offer a good entertaining space to gather together with others for fun and fellowship. When not in use, a fire pit ring can double as a small raised garden bed when filled with soil mix.

As for cons, ashes need to be removed from time to time, and fire pit rings may need to be covered when it rains to prevent a sloppy mess. Fire pit rings become extremely hot and can be dangerous. In 2017 U.S. emergency rooms treated at least 5,300 injuries related to fire pits or outdoor heaters, nearly triple the number reported in 2008, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

On the other hand, suppose you already have a fire pit. Then, a fire ring will add as a protective barrier to prevent the fire pit materials from getting heat damaged. So, it will ensure the longevity of your fire pit by concealing the heat.

Generally, fire rings are safe to use if you keep certain safety precautions in mind. They already serve as an added safety measure to open campfires but can pose a few risks. These risks are:

2) The ring can get extremely hot: A fire pit ring is continuously exposed to flames, which can get extremely hot. This heat radiates to the surrounding area and can melt plastic and burn the grass and people who touch it.

The price of fire pit rings ranges from $21.99-$535. Of course, it all depends on the quality of materials, size, brand, and customizability. Below are the details about the top ten best-selling fire rings on Amazon:

Of course, that also depends on the fire ring you buy. Fire pit rings made of thicker alloy steel will take longer to rust than thinner sheets. At the same time, the galvanized alloy has a rust-resistant layer that will protect the ring for longer.

Your fire pit is a designated space to make a fire at home. At the same time, a fire pit ring is an excellent way to keep your cozy home or campfires contained and serve as a protective barrier for your fire pit.

And while these rings are generally safe to use, you should consider safety precautions. These include proximity to your home and plants, airflow, and access for children and pets. But if you have all those in place, you should be ready to go. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, also participates in other affiliate and advertising programs, such as AdSense, ShareASale, Awin, Etsy, and CJ among others, and is compensated for referring traffic and business to them.

The Insert Ring allows you to place your X Series fire pit into any stone surround for a finished look as a show-stopping centerpiece for your patio space. Take your fire pit on the go with easy removal and installation. Low risk. Intentional design.

One of our most popular and patriotic designs, we are proud to offer the Liberty - 'Stars and Stripes' Limited Release" American Fire Pit by Ohio Flame. Usually available year round, this popular offering features the American flag design on a four-sided base.

Check out our full collection of fire pit ring accessories here.A week ago I helped a client refine his back yard, a small pergola, a rocky spring, some flagstone on rubber mulch bedding. Classic stuff until it came to the background fire features. In-wall burners over some dark burgundy fire glass. And the client was surprised by my choice in burners. He just used fire pit rings until then, because the fire was always a round centerpiece. This means a fire pit ring made the most sense.

The second issue was the size. I got a big 30 incher. I always go for the biggest possible because we rarely work with hard reflexive surfaces and we use fires as radiant assets even when in the background. And he had a small yard, small for anything outside of a city, so there are some exceptions when space is limited. Anyway, despite his doubts, the set up was perfect, the extra length of the fire. Spread a wide beam of light onto the area, casting soft shadows that wrapped around everything. 041b061a72


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