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Punekar Mp Gk Pdf 27l

they also dont mind taking up a cause and will fight hard for it. they are more politically aware than you can possibly imagine. after the 1994 mumbai blasts, i always used to carry a tiffin box in our car and distributed it among beggars and homeless people. one day my punekar friends were shocked to see the box and asked me why i was doing it.

Punekar Mp Gk Pdf 27l

they are so patient and their sense of humor can make any situation light and bearable. while all of us are used to being treated rudely or even abused, punekars do not mind it. instead, they just use their unique sense of humor to fight back. after all, it isnt just about talking but also about listening. so, punekars make up for a lot of ground, including in communication.

while punekars are known for their outspoken character, they have a soft side too. unlike many other residents of mumbai, punekars are not crazy about cricket. they feel the game is biased and do not want to be treated as outsiders. so, many punekars dont bother with cricket and spend their time watching bollywood films. they are also very fond of marathi films and feel maharashtras bhais are the best in the business.

they love travelling and the list of places they have been is mind boggling. a punekar will be happy in the plains or the hills, in a hut or a palace. they have travelled to almost every corner of the world. and, they dont know what to do when they return home after their stint. they will be either very happy or very stressed, depending on whether the trip was good or bad, said mihir bhanushankar, a marketing executive.


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