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The Beatles Complete Discography @ 320 Kbps

i have also had some success using the albums that apple provides for free. this includes albums such as the beatles sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band, the beatles revolver, and the beatles abbey road albums. i had already matched the beatles abbey road album by using its tags and the apple music service.

The Beatles Complete Discography @ 320 kbps

below, you can find the entire beatles discography to date, as well as the albums that i have covered in this blog. you can click on the album to download it, and you can also purchase them through itunes on your computer, or on your android device. once you have purchased an album, you can use it on your computer to listen to it in any type of media player you want, or you can use the google play music app to play it on your android device. be careful, however, as these albums are protected by copyright laws. this means that you cannot copy the album, and you must buy it if you want to listen to it on your device. i would definitely recommend purchasing the albums, however, because even though they are protected by copyright laws, they are much cheaper than purchasing the albums and downloading the free albums.

i have included all the albums i have covered here, plus the beatles albums i have personally bought from itunes. i have also included the albums that i have purchased through google play music on my android device.

this is the linchpin of the beatles work, with "i want to hold your hand" the first song they recorded, and the song that introduced them to a new generation of kids that would grow up with their music as the soundtrack of their lives. the song was a huge hit, and with a high percentage of radio stations playing the song on the airwaves, it was used to advertise the new beatles album that was being released by capitol.


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