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Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12

Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12

Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12 is a software that can help you edit and manage your codeplug. A codeplug is a file that contains the configuration data of a radio, such as frequencies, channels, tones, and features. Codeplugs are usually specific to each radio model and firmware version. Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12 can work with various radios from the Waris series, such as CDM1250, CDM1550, GP340, and HT750 .

Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12 can perform various functions, such as:


  • Create, modify, or delete the data in your codeplug.

  • Clone or backup your codeplug and share it with other users.

  • Change the firmware or boot image of your radio.

  • Enable or disable different signaling modes, such as MDC, DTMF, or 5-tone.

  • Change the frequency range or tuning piers of your radio.

Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12 is not an official software from Motorola. It is based on the unofficial upgrade kit that was built by possibly an internal Motorola programmer or a hacker. The unofficial upgrade kit can load any image on any radio, but you must ensure the image size matches the flash chip size. The unofficial upgrade kit also requires all images and default codeplugs to be in srecord format.

Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12 is a useful tool for radio enthusiasts who want to customize their radios and explore their features. However, it is also a risky tool that can damage your radio or violate the regulations of your country. You should use this tool at your own risk and responsibility. You should also backup your original codeplug before making any changes.

If you want to download Us Waris Codeplug Tool Rar 12, you can find it at [this link]. You will also need a serial cable and a RIB (radio interface box) to connect your radio to your computer. You can find more information and tutorials on how to use this tool at [this forum].


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