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Fundamentals Of Vibrations Meirovitch Solutions

Dyamics of Space StructuresIntroduction: Description and motivation of the course objectives and topics through practical examples, including a review of the basics of dynamics of linear(ized) aerospace systems.State space methods: State space representation of structural models including additional dynamics. Output and performance equations. State space fundamentals: general solution, impulse response, transformation of state variables, canonical forms, model order reductions of state-space systems.Structural dynamics - modal analysis: Initial/boundary value problems describing the dynamics of typical structural components of space systems (rods, beams, bars and plates) and solution through modal analysis: the differential eigenvalue problem, mode displacement method and mode acceleration method.Dynamic response of discretized structures by modal analysis: modal superposition, damping models, mode displacement method, mode acceleration method. Numerical solution of the eigenvalue problem. Direct time integration methods.Structural dynamics - non-deterministic loads: Dynamic response to non-deterministic loads: random vibrations. Introduction and classification of random processes. Random processes through LTI systems. Covariance function. Ergodic processes. White noise process. Lyapunov equation. Frequency representation of random processes: power spectral density, spectral factorization. Miles' equation.Multi-field problems: Introduction: electromechanical systems, thermoelasticity, acoustoelasticity, sloshing.

fundamentals of vibrations meirovitch solutions


Céline Héloïse Larcade, Laure Molina, Nawal Touil, Nicolas T...


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