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Buy A Van

In the summer of 2020, we planned to spend a few months backpacking in Thailand but were forced to cancel our plans. As we transitioned to working from home in the fall, we took on a new adventure that had been a lifelong goal for us both: buying our cargo van.

buy a van

Before taking the leap, we turned to the internet to learn the ins and outs of camper-van renovations and what to expect. Very early on we learned that no one van is the perfect fit for everyone, it's entirely dependent upon your individual needs.

Regardless of which platform you use to purchase, you want to make sure the sellers have a clean title and a completed emissions test. The test can confirm that the van is in the necessary condition to be registered in your home state.

During this process, YouTube will become your best friend. We jokingly like to refer to it as "YouTube University" because it's where we've gathered all of our information, from deciding our budget and van type to maintaining power and warmth on the road.

If you're only planning on using your van for short trips every once in a while, you might be able to live with shorter ceilings or fewer add-ons. But if you're trying to convert to van life full time, it's important to check off as many deal breakers as you can.

I'm about 5-foot-7, so finding a high-top van was a must for me to be comfortable on the road. Many people don't take the height of the van into consideration until they realize they have to crouch to move around.

In the heat of the excitement, it's easy to forget what to ask about or check in on simple things such as the horn and windshield wipers. A mechanic can help point out any major visible problems you might have missed.

Before you hit the road, you should also always do some research on where you'll park and sleep for the night because not all parking is free or readily available. Keep a plan A and a plan B in mind.

Apps that allow user reviews are one of the most helpful tools for staying safe. Real-time reviews allow other campers to see current conditions, how busy a campsite or parking area is, and if there are any animals or potential threats to keep an eye out for.

No one wants to make the mistake of buying a lemon or jumping into a build without the necessary information to safely succeed. Not only can this cost you time and effort, but it will also seriously eat away at your budget.

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Disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. While taking a look around my site you will find various affiliate links, which allow me to make a small commission on any purchases made. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Now on to the pros and cons of buying a prebuilt camper van. Woo! So we bought a prebuilt van in July of 2019 in Mexico and have since used it to drive from Mexico up through the Eastern U.S. and onward across Canada.

Customizing it to make it feel like home was important to us, so we spent roughly $500 extra to do small customizations and decorations. Our two biggest modifications probably were repainting and removing all the cupboard doors and replacing with natural woven baskets and rope barrier.

Buying a prebuilt or already-converted campervan might save you time and money if you are patient enough to find the diamond in the rough. Invest in a mechanically sound van before buying into a decked-out interior. Aesthetic customizations cost less than engine blow-outs.

But if you sadly buy a shitty van and luck out, you could end up paying double what you paid just for the van. In fact, we just met a couple who bought a van for $4k and after two weeks of driving it, they had to replace the entire engine for another $4 grand. Ouch!

With a naked van, you just have to check for the van mechanics as you would when buying any new or used car. But with a prebuilt camper van, you must consider the interior features and functionality on top of the state of mechanics.

This was very helpful. I am 69 year old single female thinking of purchasing a pre-built used camper van. Do you have any more suggestions to help me. Also best brands and where to start my search to purchase one. Thank you

I just wanted to say that this information was very informative and clear the question I have is I live in Pennsylvania was wondering if there are any suggestions on where to buy a brand new empty van that you could park in a parking lot not be discovered but live in it the reason why I asked that question is I want to be able to buy in Pennsylvania

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At CARFAX, we collect events from the lives of millions of used cars from 20 European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. We can then create a vehicle history for every car in our database and make it available to you.The information helps you to check sales data, avoid expensive follow-up costs and negotiate a fair purchase price.

The best time to buy a work truck or van is when you can afford the investment, but which times of the year can you get the best deal on a new vehicle? This guide has inside information about when dealerships tend to offer the most generous discounts and deals. Learn how to find the most reliable cargo van for your business at a reasonable price.

One of the busiest times for dealerships is the end of the year when sales events draw customers in for the seasonal holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve. The sales typically start around late November and end in early January. Dealerships are generous at the end of the year because they want to meet their sales quotas and restock their inventory with the next year's models. 041b061a72


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