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there are only 2 conservative news outlets left in our tv broadcast news & one america news oan. as in every presidential election cycle pbs which is now totally left leaning politically, tries to rob americans of fact based news. todays anti-trump anti republican and anti grass-roots conservative broadcast leaves us no choice but to never send another dollar to a pbs fundraising campaign. you are the wolf in sheeps clothing. your motives are exposed god help america

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i believe that kcetlink democracy now is too one sided in their political news reporting. i don't like to see the united states tax dollars being spent on programming that has an agenda, that to me, seems to be non-democratic. i watch the show occasionally and each time there is some sort of anti-trump administration/ anti republican view being reported. they are one-sided in their reports and lead folks misguided. example: today (2/5/18), they were discussing how the new tax plan that was just passed will be only helping the rich and specifically people like paul ryan (speaker) and president trump including his family. the story lead you to believe that they were passing this only for their benefit, not the american people. the story stated that right after paul ryan passed the bill, the koch brothers made a huge financial donation to his (speaker ryan) campaign. the donation part may be true, but to say it was done because a tax bill was passed and that it would favor the koch corporations and other like them i find a correlation like this to be untrue and misleads the viewer watching the program. it guides folks down an untrue path. untrue because it doesn't give the whole story. one-sided news statements are unfair especially to the folks who need to understand it most.


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