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Laure Molina's artwork

French artist born in 1976, Laure Molina has exhibited her work in many continents.

Following a university education Laure Molina has lived between South America and Central America between 1998 and 2004, what gives a multicultural base to her work. Her aim was to reconquer Amerindian cultures through love, art and opening to understand the keys of the New World.

Since 2004, back in Europe, she shares these keys through her artistic work.

We are proud to have selected to present on this site. This French artist deserves recognition for her work and research, and will soon be exhibiting with us.

Laure Molina's work now includes 11 stages, with major projects and stages such as: "L'Ombre Arc-en Ciel" "Pouvoir être Arbre" "Etudes 3M" or "O.M Culture Petit Gris".

"View of Laure MOLINA's exhibition at Elizabeth Couturier Gallery in Lyon in 2013"

Stage 6

 "Pouvoir Etre Arbre"

"Ombre arc-en-ciel"

Light Installation


Stage 8

"Sans eux vous ne passerez pas"
"Le Passage" 

Doors are blocked

Totems show the path

Stage 9

"Etudes 3M"


"OM culture Petit Gris "

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